Software Engineering Ladder

Apprentice Software Engineer - Grade 1

Technical Skills (Dex)

You write production-ready code either by pairing with a peer, or when provided with guidance on the best approach.

You have a broad knowledge of core Computing Science concepts (OOAD / Code Structure, Algorithms and Data Structures, Operating Systems, Networking, HTTP, Data Management).

Your primary focus is on growth as an engineer - you are constantly learning how to learn.

You are developing further competence in own area through training, development and experience.

Soft Skills (T)

You rightly depend on others for instruction & direction.

You are capable of taking well-defined tasks / sub tasks and completing them.

You are able to break down these tasks into smaller chunks in order to tackle them effectively.

You prioritise and organise own work to deliver to agreed deadlines, and make steady progress on your work; needing only periodic feedback and input from seniors.

You use existing procedures to solve routine problems and escalate problems when appropriate.

You work co-operatively with others to achieve your team's goals.

You provide explanations clearly and precisely.

You ask questions, and check your understanding regularly.

You are comfortable working on a client site, and you integrate into their environment.

Getting Code Live (Str)

You create correct and clean artefacts, following project-agreed best practices, and meeting the definition of

You know the core XP practices - TDD, Pair Programming and CI - and can apply them with increasing effectiveness.

You know the core Scrum practices and can work effectively in a team which is applying them.

You demonstrate productivity skills by learning an SCM tool, an IDE, a build system and a Unit Test Framework.

You are also able to configure local installations of these tools so you can use them efficiently.

Impact (Wis)

Feature Ownership

You are the owner of a single feature.

You are present when this feature goes live for the first time, and whenever there are significant subsequent changes.

Technical Assessment and Adoption

You effectively use the standard tooling provided by the project.

You select additional personal tools which help you get your tasks done efficiently.

Business Awareness

You understand the business-relevance of your feature, and use the applicable business-terminology when talking about it.

Helping Your Colleagues

You contribute to existing industrialisation efforts which make your day-to-day life easier.

Team Leadership (Fel)

Nothing at this grade

Advocacy and Ambassadorship (Cha)

Nothing at this grade

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